I am a British artist based in Essex. I graduated from the BA Fine Art course at Norwich University College of the Arts in 2012.

My practice explores the value of the hand-made and craft skills, through pattern-based paintings structured around the grid.

Making one of my paintings is a process of painstaking repetition, much like many other crafts such as weaving. Craft relies on the maker's own skill and care, and the quality of the outcome is at risk throughout it's production. Making something by hand is an approximation of the initial idea, because due to human error we cannot create a completely flawless result. The hand of the craftsperson is present throughout a piece of craft, making it personal and unique.

Before starting a painting, I tend to first make the design digitally. The digital version is a kind of “ideal” form, where everything is precise and fits perfectly into the grid. My painting is then an approximation of this design transferred to canvas. The outcome is also partly determined by the nature of the materials themselves, which are sometimes difficult to control entirely. Within the paintings I also use stitched details, often for the grid, to add texture and to reference patterned textile crafts.

The pattern itself is mainly a vehicle by which to explore the process of reproducing it by hand, although there is an element of abstracted natural forms contrasting with the anti-natural grid. There is a comparison to be made between craft and nature, with variance between every specimen or repetition within a pattern, while always conforming with the rules that define the species or system.

I hope that my paintings will encourage consideration of the time and care invested in handmade crafts, and an appreciation of the individual touches arising through the process.